What It Takes to Be a Roofer for Joye Roofing


Roofing nailing (1)Here at Joye Roofing, we take a great deal of pride in our work, as well as how we conduct ourselves while completing that work for homeowners and businesses. We may be your roofer, but we are also your neighbor, your customer, and your friend. Doing our part to help you take care of your home is just as important to us as taking care of our own.

Joye Roofing is a family business, owned and operated by Derek Joye (me) and Laurin Joye Brooks (my sister). When we call ourselves a family business, that means every person who joins our team becomes a part of our family. Plus, every time we replace or repair a roof, that homeowner becomes a member of our family, too.

As we help more of our neighbors and friends with roof replacements and roof repairs across Columbia, our team of roofers continues to grow. To ensure that everyone we welcome into our family holds themselves to the same high standards as the rest of our team, we have some rigorous requirements for prospective employees before we will even consider them for the team.

Let's look at a few of the qualifications we’re looking for in potential roofing professionals on the Joye Roofing team (and what that means for you when we work on your roof).


The types of roofers who are qualified to join our team:

  • They live and breathe our company values. This qualification is non-negotiable. To join our team and become part of the Joye Roofing family, prospective employees must identify with and demonstrate honesty and integrity. They also need relevant experience. We’ve become adept over the years at identifying core values among prospective employees, but we also love when applicants come to their interviews with stories that illuminate both their backgrounds and their commitment to our values.
  • They're dedicated to producing work at the highest levels. At Joye Roofing, we don’t work to get the job done. We work to deliver exceptional quality roof replacements and roofing repairs. Of course, we do all of that within the confines of timing and budget, but first and foremost, always, is a commitment to producing the highest quality work possible. Prospective employees MUST share this commitment to even be considered for our team.  
  • They don’t even blink at a drug test. It’s a foregone conclusion that we will require drug testing for any prospective employees. Our ideal team members won’t even hesitate when notified of that requirement.
  • They breeze through a background check. Along with drug testing, background checks are standard operating procedures for any roofing company. They’re especially important here at Joye Roofing.
  • They care about their neighbors and community. Skills can be taught, but genuine care and consideration for homeowners and the community are innate qualities. We only want people on our team who care. When the Joye family works on your home, we treat it as if it were our own. We conduct ourselves professionally at all times, we enjoy talking to our customers and their families, we carefully clean up after we’re finished working to keep the area safe for your family, and so much more. These steps are not just conscious decisions; they're part of who we are. We expect these behaviors (and more consideration) from every member of our family.

It’s our honor to work on roof replacements and roof repairs for your home or business.

Our family takes great pride in helping provide safe, quality roofs for homes and businesses across Columbia. Contact us today for a free roofing consultation.


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.