What Homeowners Can Expect During a Roof Replacement


Roof Replacements in ColumbiaRoof replacements typically happen about every 20 years, making them something most homeowners deal with only once. Some homeowners even manage to avoid roof replacements altogether!


However, if you're selling your house, serious wind or hail has damaged your roof, or neglect has jumpstarted the deterioration process, you probably need a roof replacement.


The average homeowner only experiences a roof replacement every other decade or so, which means most of us are not very familiar with the process. Other than anticipating a big mess and lot of noise, they're dependent of their roofing contractor to tell them what they need to know. 


And we're doing just that! We want to help you adequately prepare for your roof replacement by giving you a better idea of what to expect. Let's go!

Having an inspection

Before a team of roofers just shows up at your house and starts laying shingles or metal sheets, you'll need to go through a preliminary inspection.


During the inspection, a roofer will carefully evaluate your roof, taking note of its size, any areas that present a unique challenge (such as steep, sloped sections), and any existing problems that will need to be addressed during the replacement. The roof inspector will also observe the area around your home and figure out if the space is large enough to accommodate a team of roofers, their trucks and all of the other supplies they'll be bringing with them.


The inspection also gives you a chance to discuss with your roofer what type of roof you want, whether shingles or metal. Taking all of these observations into consideration, your roofing contractor can anticipate the scope of the project and provide you with an accurate price quote.

Picking a date

The next step in the roof replacement process is to pick a date for the project. Roof replacements generally take anywhere from one to three days.


Depending on what time of year it is, the roofing company may not be able to start installing your roof right away. Summer and fall are the busiest seasons for roof replacements, so if you want to beat the rush, try to schedule yours in the spring.

Getting ready

Having a new roof installed isn't pretty until the end. There will be plenty of noise and a lot of mess during the project. With that in mind, make sure your home, your yard and your schedule are all ready for a roof replacement.


Here's what we suggest...

  • Put away anything that could get damaged or broken. Flower pots, patio furniture, torches and lanterns should all be moved either inside or far enough away from the house so that nothing is dropped on them. It doesn't hurt to also cover your more delicate plants with a tarp either.
  • Close your windows and doors. Tearing up an old roof stirs up a lot of dust, so unless you want to be wiping down your furniture several times in one day, it's best to keep your windows and doors closed during the installation. 
  • Limit your activity. As much as possible, try not to come and go from your house as often as you usually would. You don't need to book a hotel room while your new roof is being installed, but if you're staying home, do your best to stay there. It's safer, anyway, not to be walking around a construction site where shingles and debris could potentially fall.

Cleaning up

One of the things that sets Joye Roofing apart from other roof contractors in the Midlands is that we take the cleanup part very seriously. We know your home's curb appeal is important to you — and your neighbors for that matter! — so we won't leave scraps of wood, Porta-Johns or other tools sitting in your yard any longer than is necessary. As soon as the job is done, we get out of there as quickly as we can so that your roof can stand out, not the mess.

Paying for a job well done

Homeowners who choose Joye Roofing have the option to pay for their new roof with cash, check or credit card within 30 days of the completion of the project. We also offer financing options through Service Finance Company, LLC, so that you have flexibility and freedom to get the roof you want and need for your home.


To find out if you're approved for either 12- or 36-month financing, you can start the application process on our website. Click on the banner below to get the process started today!

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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.