Top 5 Most Common Roof Repair Jobs


Roof in Columbia, SCAs a roofing company in Columbia, SC, we deal with a wide variety of roofing problems. While we do a lot of different roof repairs, we also see a lot of similar issues popping up from home to home.


Today we're sharing five of the most common roof repairs we handle during an average year.

1. Fixing a bad roofing job

Unfortunately, we see more than our fair share of poorly installed roofs. Roofers and contractors looking to make a pretty penny quickly often take short cuts, and homeowners suffer for it. 


A poorly installed roof can lead to a variety of premature roofing problems such as leaks or poor ventilation, and often the only solution is to replace the roof completely. To ensure that you're not getting a bad roofing job, do your research before choosing a roofer. Read their reviews, find out how long they've been in business, and talk to them face to face.


2. Repairing leaks

It seems like homeowners give little thought to their roofs until they're hit with something they can't ignore — like a leak. Looking at water stains on the ceiling and hearing a continuous drip, drip, drip in the kitchen every time it rains is hard to overlook.


While we're always eager to fix leaks in a roof, most homeowners don't realize that the solution for a leak is more often a roof replacement than just a simple repair. Our advice? Get your roof inspected regularly so that we can spot leaks before they're serious enough to warrant a roof replacement.


3. Replacing missing shingles

Even if properly installed, shingles can blow off a house's roof during a thunderstorm or other types of inclement weather. While shingles can blow off your roof at any point during the year, hurricane season and springtime seem to be the most common. 


4. Installing new flashing

Flashing is installed in the valleys of your roof to keep it from leaking where water flows. Because the valleys of your roof get so much water (thanks to gravity), these areas are the most susceptible to damage, and flashing can wear out quickly. 


Ideally, flashing should last for the life of your shingles, but if it doesn't, your roofer will have to tear up your shingles in order to get to your flashing and replace it. 


5. Adding ventilation

When it comes to conserving energy in your home, ventilation is very important for your roof. However, many roofs are built without sufficient ventilation, and homeowners frequently call on us to fix this problem. 


While adding ventilation to your roof is an expense upfront, it will save you money in the long run because you won't have to spend as much money heating and cooling your home.


What roof repairs can we help you with?

Whether you're experiencing any of these problems with you roof, or you have one that's less common, we'd love to help you with it. Contact us today to schedule your roof repair!


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.