Tips for Safely Ascending Your Roof


andre-spilborghs-719339-unsplashWhile we always recommend getting a professional roofer to inspect your roof (it's FREE with Joye Roofing, you know), we know that many homeowners can't help but take matters into their own hands and survey their roof for themselves.


If that's you, our main piece of advice is to stay safe. Here are some safety tips worth following when you decide to scale that ladder and investigate your roof.


Don't do it alone

Always — and we repeat — always have someone with you when you're getting on your roof. There needs to be a designated person watching you who can call for help in case of an accident, and you definitely need someone to hold the base of the ladder for stabilization as you climb. 


Respect your ladder's limits

Speaking of ladders, make sure your ladder is in good condition before you get on it, and follow these basic safety rules:

  • Look above you before lifting or extending the ladder. You don't want to take out any lights or other types of electrical equipment.
  • Keep a good distance from power lines, and use a wood or fiberglass ladder. Electricity can "jump" to a metal ladder.
  • Maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand).
  • Stay off the top step of the ladder.
  • Make sure the base of the ladder is resting securely on an even surface.
  • Do not move a ladder while a person or an object is on it.
  • A ladder propped against your roof should extend three feet above your gutters. Never attempt to lengthen a ladder by placing it on an alternative foundation.
  • Adhere to a ladder's specified weight limits.


Wear the right shoes

Soft-soled shoes are recommended for walking on a roof. Traction is important when you're walking on a slope, and smooth, hard soles provide no traction on shingled or metal roofs.


Wait until the roof is dry

Regardless of how good your shoes are, if your roof is wet from rain or snow, it is going to be slippery. Don't risk it. Wait until the roof is completely dry before walking on it. Any inspection or repair you're planning is not worth an injury. After all, a hospital bill is likely to be far more expensive than it would have been to pay a roofer to handle your repair in the first place.


Or just let Joye Roofing do it

Remember, roof inspections are free through Joye Roofing. Start with us and then decide if you still want to try taking things into your own hands. If nothing else, we'll save you the hassle of hauling your ladder out of the garage.


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.