8 Steps to a Successful Roof Replacement


Replacing a roof is a big commitment for any homeowner. Even if you're paying another roofer in Columbia to do it, you should still understand the re-roofing process from beginning to end. After all, your roof is your first line of defense against severe weather and also your home's biggest asset.


Familiarizing yourself with the steps needed to properly replace the roof on your home will ensure a successful roof replacement with no major construction or financial surprises along the way.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter


We already know that snow and ice can really damage your roof. Even in Columbia, South Carolina — one of the warmest cities in the Southeast — winter weather can present a challenge to homeowners trying to protect their roofs.


To mitigate the potential damage that snow, rain, sleet, and ice could inflict on your roof, we have some practical tips and suggestions for keeping your roof in good condition all winter long.

Will Snow and Ice Damage My Roof?


Now that winter is fast approaching, many homeowners may wonder, Can snow damage my roof?Truthfully, any form of water can be harmful to a roof, but when the temperature dips below freezing, water and snow can become a more serious problem.


Top 5 Most Common Roof Repair Jobs


As a roofing company in Columbia, SC, we deal with a wide variety of roofing problems. While we do a lot of different roof repairs, we also see a lot of similar issues popping up from home to home.


Today we're sharing five of the most common roof repairs we handle during an average year.

The Nitty-Gritty of Your Chimney


If your roof has a chimney, then it is susceptible to unique forms of damage and decline. The main reason for this is because the points where your chimney and roof meet form sharp angles or valleys where water can seep in if your roof wasn't built correctly.


Whether your current home has a chimney or you'd like to buy a home someday that does, here's what you need to know about chimneys and your roof...

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Roof Sheathing


We spend a lot of time talking about shingles on our blog, but we rarely mention the essential foundation of shingles – sheathing! Your roof’s sheathing is that layer of wood between the rafters and the shingles. It serves as the flatbed for roofers to nail shingles into.


Here are 5 valuable pieces of information about sheathing that you probably didn't know.

Can I Paint My Roof?


There are a lot of things in life that you can do, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should do them. Painting your roof is one of those things.


So if you've ever wondered, "Can I paint my roof?" we're telling you why roofers do not recommend it.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?


Roof inspection costs typically range from zero to $200. Some inspectors charge more to do an interior, attic-view roof check, but if you just need to assess the condition of your roof, look for a roofer who won't charge you for a general maintenance inspection.

If the inspection involves repairs, those will naturally incur a charge, but the inspection itself should be complimentary. 


How to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Keeping your roof in good shape will extend its life and prevent a costly replacement. 
Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of simple repairs and preventative measures which may help to extend the life of your roof.
While there are various roof materials, including copper, tile, and metal, the majority of roofs have shingles. The quality of the materials used and skill with which they were installed can have a great impact on the lifespan of a roof.

Preparing Your Roof for Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

When a hurricane reaches a Category 5 like Irma did last year, it has the power to damage homes that are even beyond its effected area.
Hurricane season runs from August through November, and as it approaches again, we want homeowners across Upstate South Carolina to be prepared.  Safeguarding your roof before a hurricane hits can save your home from major weather damage and costly repairs. 
That's why we've put together a helpful checklist that will help to protect your roof...


Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.