Roof Replacement or Roof Repair? How to Make the Right Call


Shingles needing repairIf you have owned a home for very long, you know that there are many different issues that can surface from time to time. Specifically, there are quite a few different scenarios for homeowners that can warrant roof repair or roof replacement.

Whether you’ve spotted something that doesn’t look quite right, or you have a noticeable problem inside your home that you expect is coming from the roof, quick identification of roof issues can provide flexibility when making a decision.

Proper identification of roof issues is essential.

Binoculars can help help you get an especially good look, but an even better option is to contact a roofing specialist to inspect your roof and provide you with expert feedback to guide your decision (HINT: Joye Roofing offers FREE roof inspections).

While you’re waiting for your roof inspection to be sure of any roof damage or complications, here are some common issues or circumstances, and whether they are likely candidates for roof repair or replacement:

Roof Repair

Dark streaks/algae. Have you noticed some ugly dark spots or streaks on your roof recently? Today’s asphalt shingles use a great deal of fillers that serve as food for blue green algae, causing those streaks and spots. A simple cleaning can remove the algae and protect your roof.

Moss removal. Although it may look nice to some people, moss can speed up deterioration of your roof, leading to wood rot and leaks. It’s much better to remove moss at first glance than to wait and be left with little choice but to replace your entire roof!

Small leaks. While small leaks can often be repaired on your own (depending on your comfort level and skillset) or by a professional, we always recommend a professional roof inspection to ensure that perceived small leaks are, in fact, truly small. Misjudging a leak or roofing issues can end up costing you significantly more money down the road.

Urgent timing. If your roofing issue is particularly urgent, a repair may be critical to protecting your home and family. Although repair may not always be a permanent fix, it can sometimes buy you time if you are unable to commit to a roof repair at that moment.

Budget. Similarly, if budget simply doesn’t allow for a roof replacement right now, your specific issue may be temporarily fixed by a simple repair until the time is right to replace your roof altogether.

Wind damage or a fallen tree limb. Small issues from a particularly windy day or a small, fallen tree limb can often be fixed by replacing some shingles and carefully examining the roof to ensure there is no further damage.

Roof Replacement

Water damage or moisture. Water damage or moisture should always be taken seriously by homeowners, as left untreated, it can cause significant mold and rotting issues throughout your home. Often, the best recourse is an entirely new roof to protect your home investment.

Severe weather disaster. Hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather can wreak havoc on a roof, often to the point of needing a full replacement. When serious weather hits, we recommend contacting a trusted roofing company to inspect the roof for damage — be prepared for a potential replacement.

Deterioration due to age or neglect. Cracked, faded or curled shingles are often the result of deterioration over time, or due to neglect. When a roof has met the end of its lifespan, it’s in your best interest to replace it altogether.

Selling your home. If your roof is older, and you are selling your home, you may wish to replace it with new materials to impress potential home buyers and increase the final selling price.

A professional roof inspection can help save you stress and money.

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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.