Real Estate Roofing Drama and How to Deal with It


Real estate agents and roof repairsHomeowners aren't the only ones who care about roofing. Real estate agents spend a lot of time analyzing houses from the ground up, and roofs are included in that. If there's a problem with the roof of a home that's going on the market, a real estate agent will dedicate their time to finding a solution, whether that means scheduling a roof repair or getting a complete roof replacement.


If you're in the real estate business, we have some advice for handling the many roof-related obstacles agents in your industry find themselves maneuvering on a daily basis. 


Should I list a home that needs a roof repair?

You can either sell a home with a damaged roof for less money or sell a home with a new roof for more money. It's hard to say whether the amount of money a homeowner spends on a roof replacement will completely pay off, but if nothing else, replacing the roof will likely help the house to sell faster.


Since both options have their own set of pros and cons, it's best to consider your specific client's circumstances and priorities before taking next steps. 


What if nobody wants to pay for the repair?

Obviously nobody wants to pay for a roof repair. Buyers are already spending a lot of money on a down payment, and sellers don't want to put money into a home that they're leaving. Regardless, when the the contract is negotiated, written up, and signed, one of the two parties will be responsible for the repair costs.


As a real estate agent, it's important to coach your clients on dealing with these types of negotiations. Sellers who refuse to pay for a roof replacement or repair put themselves at risk of losing a buyer who won't budge. On the other hand, buyers who refuse to pay for repairs are giving sellers a legitimate reason to pull out of the sale and go with another buyer who agrees to cover the cost of the roof. 


What if the home inspector doesn't say anything about the roof?

It's important to realize that home inspections are not roof inspections. Home inspectors will visually inspect a roof from a distance. They might scale a ladder to get a closer look, but you won't find them walking the roof, which is a necessary step in order to thoroughly and accurately assess a roof's condition.


Whether you're helping client sell a home or guiding a client in their search to buy, make sure the roof undergoes a certified roof inspection with a qualified professional.


What if I don't have time to hunt down a trustworthy roofer?

Don't wait until you're in a time crunch to search for a reliable roofing company. Instead, find one you like before you actually need them. That way, you'll always have a go-to plan in case you need an immediate repair or replacement; plus you'll feel confident about the quality of work being done. When you feel confident, your clients will be much more at ease and confident in you.


Additionally, when you work with the same roofing company again and again, you'll eventually be able to anticipate the cost of different projects, which makes you a more knowledgeable expert that your client can trust throughout the entire buying and selling process.


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.