How to Pick the Right Color for Your Roof


Colors of ShinglesShingles may not come in all shapes and sizes, but they certainly come in all kinds of colors.


Homeowners rarely choose shingles solely based on color, but color typically is the first thing people notice about shingles. We encourage homeowners to prioritize the quality of a product's materials over its appearance (as we do when selecting roofing materials), but we also like to provide some direction on the visual aspect of your shingles. 


Choosing a great shingle color for your home isn't about choosing your favorite color. You should be thinking about the many other facets that residential roofing affects. We'll cover those in this article.


HOA Regulations

If you have an HOA, then you'll need to run your roofing choices by them. Before you go shingle shopping, check to see if your HOA has a selection of shingle colors to choose from, or if they will allow you to show them some colors you like and request approval.


Curb Appeal

A lot goes into curb appeal. There's the curb appeal that's determined by how your house looks next to your neighbors' homes, and then there's the curb appeal that's determined by how each aspect of your home complements other parts of your home. Does the decking coordinate with the shutters? Do the shutters suit the window boxes? Do the window boxes match the decking? Everything is related! If one feature is off, it throws off everything else.


That being said, you can't possibly take every intricate detail of your home into account when you're choosing shingles — you'd never find what you need. The most important thing is that your shingles match the siding on your house. As long as that's the case, you'll most likely have great curb appeal.


Now let's talk about your house next to your neighbor's. Sure, you might not care what your neighbor thinks about the shingles on your house, but it's worth noting what shades are typical for your neighborhood. After all, nobody wants to be that house on the street that sticks out like a sore thumb. (Well, maybe some do.)


Rules to Shingle By

In an effort to streamline the process of choosing a color, we'll highlight some of the most important points that should guide your shingling decisions.

  • If your shingles match your siding, your house will look bigger.
  • Choose lighter shingles in warmer climates because they reflect the heat, and darker shingles for cooler regions because they absorb it. (In case you weren't sure, that means lighter shingles are best for Columbia, South Carolina.)
  • Brighter colors like red, green, or blue are great colors for a roof, but they're also trendy. Just know that your roof will be making a statement.
  • Classic roof colors include black, gray, and brown. Stick to these if you're a traditionalist who quickly tires of trends.
  • If your house is white or cream, you can basically choose any shingle color you want. Take your cues from your shutters instead.
  • Black, brown, and gray shingles look best with yellow brick houses.
  • Brown or tan shingles coordinate best with earth tones and stone siding.

Installing the Roof You Chose

Once you've chosen your shingles, you just need a roofer to install them. That's where we come in. Our team of professional roofers bring more than 10 years of experience, and we show up with the highest quality materials around.


Contact us today to start with a free roof inspection or roofing consultation!


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.