How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?


Paying for Roof ReplacementYou made a massive investment when you purchased your home. Whether you’ll be living there for five years or 50 years, your home will provide you with safety, security and comfort.

While your initial home investment was significant, owning a home significantly broadens the scope of your household responsibilities and therefore increases your expenses.

You may have recognized some of the signs that you need a roof replacement. Perhaps your roof is suffering from water damage, you recently encountered a major weather disaster, your roof is simply at the end of its lifespan, or you are preparing to sell your home.

Research your options when considering roof replacement.

Roof replacement is a major decision that can affect your home in a myriad of ways. Before you make the investment, be sure to follow these recommendations:

1. Request price quotes.

Be sure to request multiple price quotes. That’s because you may find a range of prices from various roofers in your area. Talk to at least two or three about your preferences and budget.

2. Find a trustworthy roofing partner.

To determine whether a potential roofing partner is trustworthy, be sure to check out sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook and Google for reviews from previous customers. Also, verify licensing and insurance details.

3. Take advantage of FREE inspections.

Trusted roofing companies understand that they have to earn your business. They also understand that you need to explore several options to determine the best fit for your roof replacement needs. As a result, most respected roofing partners offer free home inspections (HINT: That includes Joye Roofing!).

In some instances, your free inspection may uncover that your issues can be resolved with roof repairs instead of a full replacement. Plus, you will get an opportunity to speak with and determine whether you feel comfortable working with that roofing company.

Factors that impact the cost of roof replacement.

Once you’ve identified the top candidates for your roof replacement, you may be wondering what is factoring into their estimates. Here at Joye Roofing, the average cost of a roof replacement for our customers is between $5,500 and $8,500.

We know that’s a wide range! That’s because there are some important factors that can dramatically impact the cost of roof replacement, including:

1. The size of your roof.

Put simply, larger roofs cost more. The number of stories and the square footage of your roof will impact the cost for a few reasons:

  • The additional work required to both remove your old roof and install your new roof

  • The additional cost of materials for larger roofs

2. The steepness of your roof.

There are several reasons why the steepness or pitch of your roof impacts the cost:

  • Very steep roofs are difficult and less safe for workers than roofs with a less dramatic slope. The steeper the roof, the more safety equipment, staging and even labor is required.

  • Specific to the type of roof and fire rating required, the steepness of your roof can impact the type of underlayment required

3. The materials used to build your roof.

We’ve talked about roofing materials in previous posts, but generally speaking, asphalt roofs are the most common and most economically priced option. With more colors and textures than ever and a long lifespan, a majority of homeowners elect to replace their roofs with asphalt shingles to take advantage of those benefits.

Other materials like slate, copper and tile shingles will significantly affect the cost of your roof replacement.

Find a roofing partner you can trust.

Choosing the right partner is the most important decision you’ll make when replacing your roof. At Joye Roofing, we earn the trust of customers throughout Columbia by providing FREE inspections and taking the time to help them make the best choices to meet their needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.