How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?


Paying for a roof inspectionRoof inspection costs typically range from zero to $200. Some inspectors charge more to do an interior, attic-view roof check, but if you just need to assess the condition of your roof, look for a roofer who won't charge you for a general maintenance inspection.

If the inspection involves repairs, those will naturally incur a charge, but the inspection itself should be complimentary. 



Scheduling a peace-of-mind roof inspection every one or two years allows you to catch potential roofing problems before they become costly and more serious. Oftentimes, it is helpful to get a professional estimate of how much useful life your current roof has left. Depending on the assessment, it may be worthwhile to pay for repairs now, extending the life of your current roof in order to temporarily delay a full replacement.

What does a roof inspector examine?

During a roof inspection, here's what you can expect your roofer to look at:

  • Overall appearance of the roof, both exterior and interior (This will indicate whether there's surface deterioration or any physical damage.)
  • Evidence of ceiling cracks and leaks
  • Condition of fascia, gutters and drains, skylights, chimneys and vents
  • Curled, broken or missing shingles
  • Areas where water may collect, like roof valleys
  • Damaged or missing flashing points

When should I have my roof inspected?

A good time to schedule a roof inspection is after a hailstorm or other significant weather event. If you wait until a leak appears in the ceiling , you could already be facing much larger problems — unwanted structural issues, mold growth, or damaged insulation.


Most professionals agree that the most important time of the year to have your roof inspected is the fall, before winter weather sets in. Cold weather can compromise new roof installations and repairs as shingle replacement because new shingles can't seal down properly when it's too cold outside.

If you feel that your roof has been compromised during seasonal inspections, especially if your roof is over ten years old, call your insurance company. They may cover the cost of repairs and your agent will arrange for a qualified roof inspector to examine the roof and make a determination.

What types of roof inspections are there?

A roof inspection gets broken into four facets: structure, materials, interiors, and workmanship.

  • Structural Inspection. The inspector will check for uneven roof planes and signs of sagging. They will also inspect the condition of the soffit, fascia, and gutter system. Masonry chimneys should be inspected at this time for cracks, crumbling grout, and damage to chimney caps. The venting in the attic will also be checked because improper venting can lead to heat and moisture buildup that reduces roof life and increases the risk of ice dams forming at the roof's edge.
  • Material Inspection. The inspector will be looking for loose, missing, or curling shingles, stains, moss, rust, and missing flashing or fasteners. Shingle aggregate that has settled in roof valleys or on the ground at the bottom of gutter downspouts is a sign that the roof could be near the end of its useful life. The rubber boots and seals around vent pipes will also be checked looking for deterioration.
  • Interior Inspection. The inspector will check interior ceilings, the attic, and interior walls for water stains, mold, rot, and other signs of water.
  • Workmanship Inspection. A thorough inspection includes looking for problems in workmanship that could increase the risks of leaks or other roof damage in the future. Also inspectors will check for incorrect flashing around roof penetrations, including vent pipes, skylights, and chimneys.

Where can I find FREE roof inspections?

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