How Different Weather Affects Your Roof


What Weather Does to Your RoofIt's hard not to notice when the weather changes. If clear skies suddenly turn to thunderstorms, you may find yourself delaying a walk with the dog or rescheduling that cookout with the neighbors. Weather patterns affect our schedules temporarily, but they affect our roofs permanently. Every hail storm your roof endures and each snowfall it experiences leaves its mark.


Let's take a look at how different types of weather affect your home's roof. 


Roofs are obviously designed to withstand common weather patterns like rain. However, over time, heavy rains wear on a roof and can eventually lead to leaking. To protect against potential leaks in your roof, have a roofer inspect the flashing. Flashing is is a sheet of material that's usually placed in a roof's valleys below the shingles to protect areas that are the most susceptible to leaks. When the flashing is damaged or deteriorating, that's when leaks happen


Rain obviously gets your roof very wet, and if your roof gets more shade than sun, then it won't dry out as quickly after a downpour. Since a damp environment is a paradise for bacteria, you may want to consider cutting down or trimming some of the trees in your yard so that your roof can get more UV rays, which will help to keep it dry and mold-free.

Snow and Ice

Snow is somewhat of an anomaly in South Carolina, and as South Carolinians, we hardly know how to handle it on the roads, much less our roofs!


So what does snow actually do to your roof? In some regions, snow comes in such large quantities that homeowners mostly worry about its weight altering their roof's structure. The one or two inches that most South Carolinian roofs experience isn't going to cause structural problems, but snow and ice can certainly affect roofs in other ways. For example, the melting and refreezing of snow causes shingles to expand and wear out more quickly.


Ice damns can also form when snow melts and then refreezes over your gutters before it drains off the roof. As ice builds up on the gutters and parts of the roof, it gets heavier, and in extreme cases, it can tear off the gutters or flashing. To keep this from happening, you should break down the ice before it builds up to this level of intensity. The easiest way to get rid of ice on your roof is to chisel it away with a hammer or use a rake to scrape it off.


While we don't see a lot of snow in the Midlands, heat is something we're very familiar with. Heat won't tear your gutters off like ice might, but heat does cause your roof to age more quickly.


A roof that's aging has shingles that are curled up, cracked or torn. If you live in an area with hot, sunny and humid summers (like South Carolina), then you may find yourself replacing your roof at the earlier stage of its typical lifespan.


If you have a metal roof, hail can cause permanent dents. When hail pummels shingles, it usually chips away the asphalt and exposes the roof felt, damaging the shingles and shortening the life of the roof. It can also cause the roof to become soft in places, similar to the way an apple gets when it bruises.


High winds can wreak all sorts of havoc on your roof. One windstorm may loosen your shingles, and the next may tear your shingles off completely. Sometimes wind can also bend your gutters or cause trees and tree limbs to fall. To prevent the latter, make sure you don't have dead trees or rotting limbs around your home. Find a local company to come out and cut down trees or branches that present a risk.

Trust the Locals

If your roof has a run-in with any type of rough weather like wind, hail or heavy rains, the best thing you can do is call a local roofer and schedule an inspection. A roofer can identify small problems and repair them before they turn into damages that warrant a complete roof replacement. And when you count on a local company for your roofing needs, you can rest easy knowing they'll be around to service your roof in the future, too.


If you decide to keep your roof services local, schedule your inspection with Joye Roofing in Columbia, SC by clicking on the banner below!


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.