Are Bees, Ants or Other Pests Damaging Your Roof?


Bees in your roofIf you’re not vigilant about keeping an eye on your roof, you could discover too late that pests have moved into your attic, built a nest under your shingles or have been gnawing through your roof.


The place you call your sanctuary can often become a pesky critter or wayward bug’s retreat. An attic, for instance, makes for a safe haven for rodents, but their diligence for setting up house threatens the integrity of your dwelling.


Don’t be left unaware of the potential damage pests can cause to your roof, shingles and home. Know the culprits and the damage they can inflict. Are bees, ants or other pests wreaking havoc on your house? Quite possibly. Here’s a look at the most common pests and what they’re capable of doing to your roof:



South Carolina is home to more than 104 species of birds, and many of them find your roof to be an ideal place to build a nest. Not only can their nest-building dislodge shingles, but their highly acidic droppings can erode the protective granules on your roof shingles if allowed to remain. If left untouched in hard-to-reach areas, your roof could begin to disintegrate, leading to other issues like roof leaks and structural issues.



These bushy-tailed, frolicking rodents are fun to watch in your back yard, but when they invade your attic via a hole in your roof, their cuteness goes right out the window. Squirrels are adept at climbing onto roofs, where they gnaw through shingles and lead sheathing, all in an effort to find shelter inside your attic.


Once established, squirrels will chew through wires, cables and insulation, creating a danger to your home, and saturating your belongings with their pungent urine and foul droppings.



From honeybees to carpenter bees, these insects can do significant damage to your roof if left undisturbed. Honeybees can build nests under your shingles and chew through your roof with abandon to make room for the honeycomb. If left untreated, the honey can stain your shingles and mar the tar beneath them.


Carpenter bees are no less merciful. They can power through your home’s structure with ease to build hives, which can promote mold and lead to shingle damage.


Ants, Termites and Powderpost Beetles

Much like bees, these common pests can also threaten the integrity of your home’s structure as they chew through wood and shingles to create space for their colonies. Wood is a food source for some of these critters, while wood-borers like powderpost beetles and carpenter bees rely on wood as a nesting site. Termites can damage rafters, trusses and roof decking as they engorge themselves with wood.


Roof Rats

These creepy creatures have no problem climbing onto your roof. They are actually quite skillful climbers, and prefer to nest above the ground. They can fit through a hole in your roof the size of a nickel, and can gnaw through wood if need be to gain access to your attic. Roof rats are commonly found in warm climates, particularly the Southeast. They can easily burrow through your roof, insulation and pipes, and chew through electrical wires in your attic for maximum damage.


Protect your roof and overall home’s structural integrity from pests that can ultimately impact your home’s value and energy efficiency if left unaddressed. Call us at Joye Roofing to have your roof inspected today!


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Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.