What Season Is Best to Replace My Roof?

While most roofing contractors work year-round, there are certain times of the year that are better for roofing jobs than others. Factors like budget, materials, workload, and geography all play into this.
So, if you're a homeowner who's wondering what time of year is best to schedule a roof replacement on your home, and you  live in an area with weather that's mild enough to accommodate a roof replacement during any season, we have some suggestions for making your money go further.

What You Need to Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels


Doing your homework on solar panel installation and its requirements will protect you from a variety of roof-related complications and added costs.


In this case, becoming knowledgeable about  about solar panels is going to be very easy because we've gathered the most important things you need to know and compiled them in today's blog article. Let's dive in!

4 Abbreviations and What They Have to Do with Your Roof


Abbreviations aren't just for the posters in the breakroom at work or for sending faster text messages. They're part of every day conversation! Abbreviated expressions like BRB and SMH come and go so quickly, it's difficult to keep up.

Why You Should Never Put New Shingles Over Old Shingles


One of the major steps in a roof replacement is the process of tearing off the old shingles. Some homeowners choose to skip the tear-off stage, opting for what's called a re-roof.

3 Roofing Secrets for Conserving Energy


Air conditioning is certainly worth paying for when it's 90+ degrees outside, but nobody wants to pay more than than they have to. The best way to lower your energy bill is to conserve energy -- which is not an easy task when your air conditioning unit is running at full blast.


Some of the best ways to conserve energy have to do with your roof. Here are some secrets you may never have considered:

Gutters at a Glance: Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Roof


Most of us are so accustomed to seeing gutters on every roof that we hardly notice their style or give them a second thought. However, if there were not gutters attached to your roof, you'd definitely take notice the first time it rained!


Gutters may not be the most stylish part of your roof, but that doesn't make them any less essential. Additionally, it's not enough to just have gutters; you want to make sure you have the right ones. Let's explore your options!

Red Flags: Signs You're Considering the Wrong Roofing Company


Avoiding the wrong roofing companies is just as important as finding the right ones.


Most homeowners spend a lot of time looking for roofers that meet their specific criteria, but they could really speed up their search, and weed out the bad eggs a little more easily, if they were clear on the characteristics they do not want in a roofer.

3 Reasons to Stick with One Roofer for Ongoing Roof Service


It's important to remember that roofers can do much more than just install a new roof on your home. Many residential roofing companies provide ongoing roof services throughout the life of your home's roof.


Real Estate Roofing Drama and How to Deal with It


Homeowners aren't the only ones who care about roofing. Real estate agents spend a lot of time analyzing houses from the ground up, and roofs are included in that. If there's a problem with the roof of a home that's going on the market, a real estate agent will dedicate their time to finding a solution, whether that means scheduling a roof repair or getting a complete roof replacement.

Roof Repairs and Insurance Claims: Hints for Homeowners


Calling your insurance company doesn't have to be as bad as you make it out to be. We understand that filing a claim for a roof repair or replacement probably isn't going to top your list of favorite activities (or even make it on the list at all), but with the right tips, this dreaded task can go much more smoothly than you anticipated. 



Derek Joye has been roofing homes and businesses in the Midlands for over 10 years.